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Travelling guide, maps

To Madagascar rough guide Madagascar  and  travel Μadagascar


Necessary documents

For travelling to Madagascar

  • You must be able to present  έvalid ticket which you will be leaving the country with.
  • Entrance Visa. It is not required. Visa on arrival can be issued at the airport.
  • Τravel Documents. Passport only. Date of expiry should be at least 6 months after exiting the country.


Vaccines and medicines, health cards

Vaccines: information

Health system insufficient and very problematic

If you have private insurance make sure that you have taken with you the number of your contract along with the phone number of your insurance agent.


Air tickets – comfortable seats

We travelled:

From Thessaloniki to Antananarivo with Turkish Airlines through Mauritius

From Antananarivo to Nosy Be with Air Madagascar


Where to stay (hotels)

16nth of September 2017 Ivato

Hotel Au bois vert

Very nice hotel, near the airport, good price, bad wi fi


17nth of September 2017 Manambato

Orania lodge

Sympathetic hotel, lovely location by the lake, good price, nice restaurant, non-existing wi fi 


18nth of September 2017 Antsirabe

Le Royal Palace Hotel

Nice hotel, in the centre of the town, good price, good food, good wi fi


19nth of September 2017 Morondava

Chez Maggie

Nice hotel, lovely location, first line on the beach, good price, problematic wi fi


20th of September 2017 Morondava


ΕExcellent hotel, first line on the beach, expensive, nice restaurant, problematic wi- fi


21st of September 2017 Belo sur Mer


Exceptional hotel, first line on the beach, relatively expensive, nice restaurant, problematic wi-fi  


22nd of September 2017 Manja

Hotel Kantu

Words are not good enough to describe this great hotel… excellent food at the hotel’s restaurant


23rd of September 2017 Tulear

Moringa Hotel

Very nice hotel, good price, good wi-fi


Transport (rental car ...or other)

Rental Car

We had booked a 4x4 vehicle with  Roadtrip Madagascar

Note: The vehicle we were given, although new and in good condition, had quite a few disadvantages due to the indifference and omissions of the car rental agency_ disadvantages which eventually resulted to serious problems for us. The sheet metal cargo box on the rare of the car, where the camping supplies and petrol jerry cans were put, was not fitting properly on the vehicle and more over the two locks which were holding the doors of the cargo box on the trunk were badly and carelessly made. As a result the dust of the dirt roads kept entering the trunk and covering everything from day first. After two, three days our luggages were practically destroyed.  We were given the keys on a key ring which was not safe at all and that resulted in loosing one of them on the second day of our journey.

Supplies and equipment for camping were very badly and roughly fixed. Any time we were faced with potholes everything (tables, chairs, sleeping bags) was falling all over the place. We couldn’t’t really use them in such a bad state. It would be very simple for all the things to be nicely secured with the usage of a protecting net, while a cover sheet would keep the disturbing dust away. When we were in need of using the jerry cans, we realized that one of them was not closing properly and the petrol was dripping, any time we had to pass through difficult dirt roads. Last, but not least, when we tried to transfer petrol from one of the jerry cans into the tank, we realized that the funnel which we had been given for that matter was broken…

I simply hope that the senior staff of  Roadtrip Madagascar will read our comments and will improve their car fleet equipment…

Transport (Roads)

The central roads in Madagascar are in a quite good condition. The routes of the west coast and all the minor roads outside the main route we followed are in a very bad condition (From Morondavato to Tulear there is no road practically…Only a sandy path which crosses the salt pans, often damaged by the unpredictable high tide).  
Petrol Prices

The petrol price in Madagascar

You make check prices here


Climate- weather (luggage)

Madagascar is green and fresh after the rain season (from January to March) with lemurs and reptiles active and easily seen. There are a few rainfalls now and then from April to June in between sunny days and July and August are fresh but dry, so this is really the right moment for exploring and discovering the beauty of this unique country. The whales arrive at Ile Ste Marie in July and remain there till the end of September. From September to November the weather is very nice and warm. In the hot month December the lemurs and the reptiles along with the trerek are still active.

Best Season

The best season for a journey to Madagascar


Proper clothing

Prefer light clothes that can be worn in layers and comfortable flat shoes.

You will definitely need waterproof and windproof jackets..

If you travel with rental car things are much easier, since you have your luggage with you all along.


Foreign exchange

In Madagascar you may exchange money at the airport and the banks. Credit cards are not used widely (in hotels mostly).

Equivalence EUR - Malagasy Ariary (MGA)

1 EUR = 3,998.64 MGA

You may check prices here

Equivalence USA Dollar -Malagasy Ariary (MGA)

1 USD = 3,209.27 MGA

You may check prices here.


Contacting your Embassy

You must always have with you detailed information, as far as contacting the Embassy of your own country.  


Travel insurance

We always have travel insurance before each journey with  Mondial Assistance which offers support and assistance to travellers all over the world, through my friend Antonia at Alphaplan Travel Services 


Roaming – time difference


International Time Zone


Travelling instructions issued by USA, Great Britain and Australia

Country: Madagascar
Date: 2017
Route: Madagascar
Cities: Ivato, Manambato, Antsirabe, Morondava, Morondava, Belo sur Mer, Manja, Toliara
Duration: 7
Population: 25.054.161
Country: Madagascar
Date: 2017
Route: Madagascar
Cities: Ivato, Manambato, Antsirabe, Morondava, Morondava, Belo sur Mer, Manja, Toliara
Duration: 7
Population: 25.054.161
Country: Madagascar
Date: 2017
Route: Madagascar
Cities: Ivato, Manambato, Antsirabe, Morondava, Morondava, Belo sur Mer, Manja, Toliara
Duration: 7 days
Population: 25.054.161