The Company of the Journey

Two Yellow Feet:
The advertising company which has designed the branding and has successfully completed the difficult project of the materialization of the website mytravellingdays.com, which often enough was reminding of the famous… “Bridge of Arta”. As legend has it, the particular bridge was being built and rebuilt to the…eternity!

Text uploading, labeling, photos, videos… She loves travelling, through, mytravellingdays.com, to places that she will never go!!!



Text editing, translation, musical culture, cultures of the world… she loves travelling through cultures and music. Incurably dreamer, she lives her own amazing journeys, through mytravellingdays.com!!!

She does the translations in Spanish, she loves taking photos of landscape, enjoys excursions and treasures souvenirs, and her desire is to travel as much as she can, through the beautiful journeys of  mytravellingdays.com !!!  

High Supervision, tough reviewer, ideas… the final ok.

He is still searching…

Maria Alissia:
The Magician of the Videos!!! Her work is perfectly tailored made and measured!!! Sometimes she is daydreaming … while watching photos... but we bring her back IMMEDIATELY!