Cultures of the world


The German word Alp or Alm which means seasonal pasture comes from the ancient, also German, word alba, which was a Pre Roman term  which had the meaning of the mountain.


If one wants to understand in depth the culture of this so fascinatingly exceptional country, he should definitely get an idea of its ancient and modern history at first. Japan is probably the only country in the world which combines the extreme high tech cultural elements with the old traditions and arts.

United States of America

Indigenous people lived in what is now the USA for thousands of years before European Colonists began to arrive mainly from England, after 1600.
The Spanish, also, had small settlements in Florida and the Southwest. The French had their own settlements too, along Mississippi River and the Golf Coast.


As Patagonia is defined the geographic region which occupies the southern part of South America and it is to be found at the south areas of Argentine and Chile. At the west and south sides the region includes the Andes Mountains and at the east side the highlands and the Argentinean plains (pampas).

New Zealand

New Zealand’s culture is of great interest, since it combines the cultural characteristics of its first inhabitants (Maori) with those of the settlers (Pakeha), which come mainly from Great Britain.