Cultures of the world

French Polynesia

French Polynesia consists of five archipelagos, (Society Islands, Marquesas Islands, Tuamotu Islands, Austral Islands, Gambier Islands). It belongs administratively   to France, which has created there the French State of Oceania (EFO) since 1843.

Easter Island

Easter Island (called Rapa Nui by its recent inhabitants) is situated at a distance of approximately 3.800 km away from the shores of Chile. It is one of the most isolated islands of the Pacific Ocean and belongs to the so called “special territories” of Chile.


The island lies about ninety miles south of the Florida Keys. Its western tip begins about 125 miles (210 kilometers) from Cancún and extends 750 miles (1,207 kilometers) east-southeast. 


Nicaragua is the least densely populated nation in Central America, with a demographic similar in size to its smaller neighbours. It is located about midway between Mexico and Colombia, bordered by Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south. Nicaragua ranges from the Caribbean Sea on the nation's east coast, and the Pacific Ocean bordering the west. Nicaragua also possesses a series of islands and cays located in the Caribbean Sea.


Myanmar, officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and also known as Burma, is a sovereign state in South East Asia bordered by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand.